September 2020

New web-based training and promotional project launched in Guatemala

In September 2020 PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has launched an online interactive training project in Guatemala.

The persistence of limitations as a consequence of Covid-19 in travelling and personal meetings, the limited mobility of PROTEO's technical and commercial staff and its clients around the World, has led PROTEO's management to develop a program of remote training and assistance.

Guatemala has been selected as pilot Country where to carry out this project, which will be replicated in several Countries around the World in the course of 2020 and 2021.

After the identification, together with the management of the client, of the most strategic products for the Guatemalan market, the project has been launched.

Every week, from the middle of September to November, on a shared platform with the distributor's team, new technical and commercial material is uploaded on the selected products. This material is shared in successive stages and each time the material is more technical and describes in more detail characteristics, functioning and use of each product. The material is accompanied by questionnaires to assess the level of learning.

The second part of the project, between November and Christmas, includes calls to discuss practical issues in the use of the products and share field experience.

All planned activities (downloading the material provided, studying it, correctly answering the questionnaires and participating in the calls) generate points.

In addition, the project includes a third part in which each person from the distributor's team is invited to do trials or demonstration plots with farmers. Carrying out this practical part and sharing the results through reporting generates additional points.

The sum, intermediate and final, of the points obtained allows to get prizes of different level and value and has specific sales targets linked to it. This has the objective to achieve active participation of the sales team and an alignment of interest between the technical/ commercial team of the distributor, the distributor itself and the provider.