May 2020

The importance of Calcium during the crop’s cultivation

Calcium is an important mesoelement having a crucial role in the health of the plant and in the quality of the fruits.

Calcium is directly involved in the phases of cell division and differentiation, and of creation of cell’s structure (through the synthesis of Calcium pectate).

All of this has practical effects on the treated crops. Indeed, the proper use of Calcium during the growing cycle of a crop can guarantee:

• adequate regulation of the cell volume and of the osmotic pressure;

• high firmness and texture of stems, tissues, leaves and fruits;

• efficient fruit set;

• homogeneous size;

• vigor;

• reduction of senescence;

• high yield (heavier leaves, fruits and seeds);

• handling and harvesting resistance;

• shelf-life extension;

• reduction of weight loss both during cultivation and after harvest (mainly due to dehydration as a consequence of excessive wind, high temperature or low humidity);

• resistance to various stresses.

Nevertheless, it is well-known that among the other elements Calcium is one of the most problematic in terms of movement and transportation into the tissues of a crop and of distribution in the plant (mainly leaves wins against fruits). Consequently, the deficiencies of Calcium are common and the physiopathologies due to its scarcity are various: falling of flowers and fruits, blossom-end rot, cracking, bitter pit, rotten heart, cluster necrosis, tip burn and yellowing.

The above-mentioned physiopathologies, apart from being due to a total or partial lack of Calcium (quantitative issue), are highly affected by the quality of the formulation based on Calcium used.

Moreover, when physiopathologies due to Calcium deficiency is visible, it is usually late to recover the situation because the problems are intrinsic and structural.

The winning approach in Calcium nutrition is thus the application of the proper formulation (paying attention to the other elements present), in the right moment and at the correct dosage.

The recommendation of PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. is to prevent the physiopathologies instead of curing and solving them.

To satisfy the needs of the market, PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has set up a line of products containing Calcium composed by formulations having different characteristics:

• CALBOSOL: powder, Calcium complexed by carboxylic acids plus Boron, mainly foliar application;

• FOLIMIX: liquid, Calcium plus Nitrogen and Magnesium, both fertigation and foliar application;

• FOSFOCAL: liquid, Calcium plus Nitrogen, Phosphorous and micronutrients, both fertigation and foliar application;

• PROCAL: liquid, Calcium, both fertigation and foliar application;

• SUPERCAL: powder, Calcium plus Nitrogen, Potassium and Boron, mainly fertigation.

For more info search the mentioned products in the Products section and download the Technical data sheets.