January 2019

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has renewed the list of products containing Zinc

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. started the 2019 by reorganizing the portfolio of products based on Zinc in the category Microelements & Correctors.


The liquid product called PROSOL Zn containing both Zinc and Sulfur, and the powder formulation of Zinc complexed by carboxylic acids, called PROZINC, have been replaced by ZINCOSOL, a formulation containing a high concentration of Zinc that is specific for the utilization in foliar application.

Zinc contained in ZINCOSOL is complexed by lignosulfonates that are organic molecules of vegetal origin which represent a complexing agent useful for improving absorption and transportation of the Zinc.


What do ZINCOSOL do?

• it increases the efficiency of several metabolic process thus improving crop quality;

• it prevents deformations of young leaf margins, fragility of the stem, reduction of the length of the internode and inter-nervation chlorosis;

• it increases foliar size, favors fruit enlargement, seeds formation and ripening;

• it prevents the cell oxidation due to solar radiation and high temperature;

• it prevents and cure Zinc deficiencies in the tissues.


Why choose ZINCOSOL?

• because it improves the photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves;

• because Zinc contained in the product is involved in the synthesis of growing promoters and in the activation of several enzymes;

• because Zinc deficiency is high in soils poor of organic matter, in alkaline soils or in case of factors that inhibit the translocation into the plant (prolonged drought, water stagnation, light excess);

• because Zinc contained in the product is rapidly available for plants and is totally soluble.


How and when use ZINCOSOL?

• it is recommended in foliar application;

• the dosages range from 0.5 L/ha to 2.5 L/ha in foliar application, according to the crops.


Available in different packaging.