December 2018

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has refreshed and restyled a product with actions on soil and plant

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. ended the 2018 by repositioning on the market an important Organic Fertilizer: GEOSTIM.


GEOSTIM is an effective formulation resulting from experiences, studies and researches made by PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. because the Company is always oriented towards the development and the improvement of its products.


What does GEOSTIM do?

• it stimulates the plant metabolism helping to overcome the thermal, water and salt stress thanks to the concentration of amino acids of vegetal origin and glycine betaine;

• on the plant it enhances the nutrient absorption and the efficiency;

• on the soil it improves the structural characteristics;

• used in combination with water soluble mineral fertilizers, it allows to reduce the dosage of NPK;

• it favors the penetration of phytosanitary products and pesticides into the crop tissues.


Why choose GEOSTIM?

• because it contains polysaccharides that are molecules with a function very similar to that of humic and fulvic acids;

• because it improves yield, quality and organoleptic characteristics thanks to the acceleration of the metabolic processes in the crops treated;

• because it activates the microflora, improves the physical structure of the medium, increases the organic matter content and both the availability and the absorption of the nutrients.


How and when use GEOSTIM?

• it is recommended in fertigation and in foliar application;

• the dosages range from 10 L/ha to 60 L/ha in fertigation, and from 1 L/ha to 4 L/ha in foliar application, according to the crops.


GEOSTIM is allowed in organic farming.

Available in different packaging.