February 2018

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has launched the new version of an innovative product acting as an organic bioactivator and root and soil enhancer


PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l., during 2018, introduced on the market a particular product belonging to the line of the Specialty Products: FANTAC L.


FANTAC L is a fluid formulation deriving from the experience and the research of PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l., always focused and oriented towards the development of highly efficient and innovative products. This new product ensures a balanced plant development, not only in the first stages but also during the whole crop cycle, contributing to increase plant health, yield and quality.

FANTAC L is a formulation with a high content of vegetal extracts and concentrated polyphenols active in the rhizosphere.


What does FANTAC L do?

• it favors radical growth, strength and functioning;

• being involved in the decomposition of organic materials and in the formation of humic substances and humus, it improves soil’s properties;

• it creates complexes with metals and influences the Nitrogen cycle;

• thanks to its sophisticated formulation, it disorients and contrasts the nematodes which populate the soil.


Why choose FANTAC L?

• because it improves the characteristics of the soil, which result more stable and with a better cationic exchange capacity;

• because it favors the availability of important nutrients such as Phosphorus;

• because it increases Nitrogen immobilization and reduces the nutrient losses particularly in less fertile ecosystems;

• because it increases plant’s health, yield and quality of the production thanks to capacity of limiting the nematodes proliferation and of favoring roots growth.


How and when to use FANTAC L?

• it is recommended in fertigation and in foliar application;

• the dosages range from 2 L/ha to 6 L/ha in fertigation, and from 0.8 L/ha to 4.0 L/ha in foliar application, according to the crops.


FANTAC L is allowed in organic farming.

Available in different packaging.