January 2018

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has travelled to Argentina and Ecuador

In January 2018 PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has been in in Argentina and Ecuador for meetings with clients and field visits.

Our staff has landed in Buenos Aires and then has been involved in a meeting with a new potential client. After the definition of vision and philosophy of PROTEO, the evaluation of the potential of the client and the area of activity, the discussion has been moved on the products.

In particular, the attention has been posed on the products already registered in Argentina. After that, the opportunity to concretely start the cooperation has been evaluated through the analysis of the situation of the local market in terms of competitors, prices and crops. Together with the client, short and long-term strategies have been evaluated and discussed.

Subsequently, our staff has flown to Ecuador to meet a partner that recently has started the cooperation with PROTEO. During the meetings conducted in the office of the client, different points have been faced with the aim of exchanging information and knowledge with the staff and provide technical training. The meetings have been focused on the presentation of each product, the definition of the utilization with specific suggestions according to crops, growing system, common practices of the farmers, dosages, timing and competitors.

The following days have been dedicated to field visits and meetings directly with the farmers with the aim of exchanging points of view and give technical support. In particular, the meetings have been focused on mango, banana, pineapple, cocoa, flower, vegetables, tobacco, grape, guava and soursop.