November 2017

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has flown to Honduras and Costa Rica

In November 2017 PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has been in Honduras and Costa Rica for visiting clients that have recently started to cooperate with the Company.

Our staff has landed in Tegucigalpa and then has dedicated a few days in round-table meetings for technical training and assistance on the product catalogue to our distributor and his team.

During the meetings, over the presentation of each product, the specific utilization in terms of growing system (open field, protected cultivation system and soilless culture), crops (both for local market and for export) and dosages, have been discussed.

After that, our staff has flown to Costa Rica to meet another important partner.

In Santo Domingo de Heredia has been organized a technical conference for farmers and retailers based in particular on the utilization of the products useful for the cultivation of tomato and pepper. Another meeting for farmers and retailers has been organized in Palmares de Pérez Zeledón and this has been a good opportunity to introduce all the products registered in Costa Rica.

Our staff has moved to Cartago, a relevant area for horticulture, and Orotina, an important area for the cultivation of mango, for meetings with retailers. In Alajuela, other meetings have been scheduled with the managers of an important cooperative for livestock and with the staff of a retailer that supplies the central area of the Country, talking in particular of products for rice, sugar cane and pineapple.

In the surrounding of San José, our staff has met one of the biggest producers of tomato of the Country. In the area of Santos, our staff has been involved in an open field’s meeting to which have participated several farmers of avocado and peach of the area. The activity done in Costa Rica has included also some other meetings directly in field with the producers of watermelon and lettuce cultivated in soilless system.