August 2017

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has presented a new product that prevents and cures Molybdenum deficiencies


PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. enriched its catalogue with a highly specific product which increases the line of Microelements & Correctors: MOLISOL.


MOLISOL is an interesting formulation obtained through the experience on fields and the research of PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l., oriented towards the creation of highly effective products.

MOLISOL is a fluid formulation with a high concentration of Molybdenum rapidly assimilable.


What does MOLISOL do?

• it reduces the accumulation of nitrates in the tissues and favors the synthesis of amino acids, enzymes and proteins;

• it prevents and cures Molybdenum deficiencies;

• it is useful for increasing flowers fertility and the formation of radical tubercles.


Why choose MOLISOL?

• because of the Molybdenum contained in it, which is involved in the Nitrogen metabolism;

• because it is suitable for many crops thanks to its impact on the metabolic reactions;

• because it is effective during cultivation of herbaceous, leguminous and tree crops before and after flowering and during fruit and reserve organ enlargements.


How and when use MOLISOL?

• it is recommended in foliar application;

• the dosages range from 0.1 L/ha to 0.5 L/ha, according to the crops.


Available in different packaging.