April 2017

PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has developed a product based on Iron rapidly available for preventing and curing its deficiencies


PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l., during the spring of 2017, introduced on the market a product in the line of Microelements & Correctors: FERROCHEL.


FERROCHEL is an alternative formulation deriving from market needs that PROTEO INTERNATIONAL S.r.l. has observed during its work around the world.

FERROCHEL is a formulation with a high content of chelated Iron.


What does FERROCHEL do?

• it is involved in the pathway of chlorophyll synthesis thus affecting leaves greenness;

• by influencing the activity of numerous enzymes, it improves both yield and quality of the productions;

• it prevents and cures the typical symptoms of Iron deficiency.


Why choose FERROCHEL?

• because the chelated fraction of Iron is the 100% of the total amount;

• because it is involved in the respiration process and in the catalytic reactions;

• because it contrasts inter-nervation yellowing, falling of the leaves, weak sprouts, small and not much colored fruits;

• because it is particularly suitable to prepare mother nutrient solutions in soilless culture systems.


How and when use FERROCHEL?

• it is recommended in fertigation and in foliar application;

• the dosages range from 2 kg/ha to 5 kg/ha in fertigation, and from 0.5 kg/ha to 2.5 kg/ha in foliar application, according to the crops.


FERROCHEL is allowed in organic farming.

Available in different packaging.